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Archive for June, 2008

Farm security cameras with Remote Alert

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

bag2Remote Alert is proving to be very popular in the farm and agricultural security camera sector. Many farmers, throughout the UK are ordering Remote Alert to help protect and secure, online, their diesel storage pumps and farm fuel tanks as well as their fertiliser supplies stored on their farms. With the recent dramatic price increases, with diesel, and fertiliser, many sneak thiefs are unfortunately targetting farms to steal very valuable agricultural products on farms located in the countryside. Our Remote Alert security camera online monitoring service is proving to be ideal and a very valuable security tool to help improve and increase farm security. Operating farm security cameras, at the entrance to farm buildings, farm steadings, inside and outside, and overlooking diesel fuel tanks on farms will help to greatly improve farm security. Any movement, infront of the Remote Alert security cameras will be saved on the Remote Alert web-interface and allow farmers, in seconds, to view all recorded incidents on computers and hand held web enabled devices. Our low price IP wireless farm security cameras, can be installed indoors and outdoors and have motion detection and infrared functions, and are very easy and simple to install. Ideal to help farmers in the agricultural sector to greatly improve and enhance their farm security. Also, by having farm security cameras, visible on farm buildings and entrances to farms will greatly assist as a deterrent to prevent any would be thief wanting to steal valuable fertiliser or diesel fuel. Looking to improve the security on your farm? If so, contact us NOW.  A great low cost investment to upgrade the security of your farm.   Buy HERE







YCAM External Outdoor Housings Arrived and in Stock

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Our New YCAM Outdoor Housings

outdoor-stockWe have just taken delivery of the first outdoor housings for the Y-Cam outdoor security cameras. The Ycam outdoor camera housings are as rare as hens teeth so book your order for outdoor Ycam housings while you can.  We have are few outdoor Ycam housings earmarked for our demos to add to the Remote Alert Solution to show people how adding a security camera to your home or small business can be very easy and cost affective solution for guarding your car, garage, house and business premises.  Book NOW your Ycam outdoor static security cameras from our online security camera store - HERE


They retail at around £59.99


Packages are Available using the White and Housing £182


Add our Remote Alert Package at £11.75 per month and you have a great system


Give us a call to find out more at Telephone number 0845 241 6040



Setting Up Infrared IR LED Lighting on YCAM Knight and Black

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

When setting the Infrared IR LED lighting on the YCAM Knight or Black you select Camera in the admin section, folowed by Night Vision Setup, you will be presented with the following page like below:- 

In our experience we find that the above settings work well indoors when there are a lot of reflections from surfaces See Below:-



Switching “Black and white mode” off gives a good low light colour image see below:-

Our suggestion is to play around with the setting at different times of the day and night to find which  settings suits your required image using the built in Infrared LED Lighting on this wireless IP Camera, and on YCAM have launched the outdoor housing it makes the Knight and Black camera a lot more flexible. TIP Remember keep a note of settings and a snap shot to help to see best images.

If we were looking through glass we would switch off the “Infrared LED Control” and switch on “Moonlight mode” This would give a good low light image at night.