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Low Cost Construction Wireless Self Powered Security Monitoring System

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Construction and House Building companies around the UK are signing up for the Camvista `MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system` which Camvista has recetly launched in early 2010 – knocking thousands of £££’s from their current construction site security surveillance budgets. Allowing construction and house building companies to reduce their construction security budgets in the current downturn of the economy

Camvista’s innovative and very cost effective MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system` allows construction and house building companies to quickly deploy self powered wireless night vision security cameras overlooking construction and building site compounds and perimeter fence areas around their construction building sites.  Large construction sites – medium size building sites and even small house building sites.  Allowing the MeerCam self powered wireless surveillance cameras to be monitored `out of working hours` by N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Stations at the fraction of the cost of traditional static guarding companies or CCTV construction security monitoring companies

Camvista have just recently installed a 20 MeerCam rental construction wireless self powered security camera monitoring system for a leading Scottish construction company in Central Scotland.   Knocking their normal construction site security monitoring budget by over 65%.  Saving them thousands of £££’s over the 30 week construction project.

MeerCam constrction site security monitoring cameras

This Scottish Construction company normally deploys CCTV construction surveillance cameras on many of their construction projects around the UK – monitored by an Alarm Monitoring Security company.  To operate CCTV construction monitoring surveillance cameras on their previous construction sites required power generators to be operating out of working hours night times – weekends – holiday periods.

The weekly rental costs for their current 20 MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system which also includes installation, maintenance, operational costs as well as having the MeerCam surveillance outdoor cameras monitored by a N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Stations are lower than – the fuel costs of operating their own power generator on their normal construction sites. Add their normal rental costs of the CCTV construction security monitoring cameras, the installation of the camera equipment, which would of taken over 7 days or more to install, rather than two days with our 20 MeerCam construction security monitoring cameras and equipment, and the costs of having the CCTV construction security cameras monitored – no wonder their saving over 65% of their standard security site budget

MeerCam wireless self powered construction security moniting camera system

Within the first week of the 20 MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system in operation on their Central Scotland located construction site two intruders were detected visiting their site at 2am by the appointed N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Station.  The MeerCam alarm siren was activated and alerted the two intruders that they had been spotted breaking into the construction site.  Local police to the area of the construction site were notified by the Alarm Monitoring Station as well as the construction site manager was sent via email to his web-enabled mobile phone the video alarm footage of the two intruders being detected on the construction site and running away after hearing the alarm siren.  Showing the MeerCam construction site security monitoring system in full working mode to protect the construction site out of working hours

This new construction client for Camvista have recently placed a further two new orders for the MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system to deploy and operate at one construction site in the Midlands area of England and another house building site in Central Scotland

For more information on the LOW PRICE Camvista MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system visit - HERE Wanting to see the savings for your next construction or house building project for security camera monitoring? Let us quote for your next projectfill in an inquiry formHERE Or telephone Camvista – 0845 – 241 – 6040 for more detailed info on our Camvista MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system

Low cost 3G construction webcam for remote security monitoring

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
mobotixOne of the UK’s leading services, maintenance and building groups are renting a Camvista 3G operated megapixel construction  webcam to overlook one of their construction sites in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The UK construction company required a rapid deployed Camvista construction webcam to be operating at one of their construction projects in Edinburgh within 7 working days of them placing their order.  No telephone or broadband connection was available at the proposed webcam location in Edinburgh.  Camvista opted to operate the high resolution construction monitoring web cam via their 3G mobile solution that is proving to be very popular for remote security camera monitoring around the UK

Within 10 days of the construction webcam enquiry, Camvista packaged a rental construction webcam package to suite the construction client’s requirements and budget figures.  Carried out a full site survey at the construction site in Edinburgh, issued a detailed method statement, which was signed off, and installed their fully operating 3G megapixel mobotix construction monitoring camera overlooking the area of the site that our construction client wanted to be viewed remotely via their 3G construction monitoring webcam.

The Camvista 3G mobile high resolution construction webcam now operating on the Edinburgh construction site is displaying updated webcam images every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the duration of the 6 month construction project.  Archived images are also being saved every 5 minutes, throughout the duration of the building project so that Camvista can provide their construction client a high quality time lapse movie to show from the start of the construction project to the completed building.  The construction client, and their developer now feature the construction webcam on their websites, and intranet sites, by adding Camvista’s fully managed and hosted Camplayer webcam application

The Camvista 3G construction webcam is not just a standard webcam overlooking a construction project.  The construction webcam is also doubling up as a remote monitoring security project camera.  Utilising Remote Alert, all motion detetected images from the construction monitoring webcam, at specific periods of times, daytime and nightimes, are being made available to remotely monitor via our Remote Alert web-interface.  Allowing the Project manager, and other key members of staff of the construction company to security monitor via snapshot images all movement on the construction project via their construction webcam.

As well as Remote Alert operating, which allows remote security monitoring of all motion detected images, all motion detected images, throughout the 6 month project, are being archived 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a SD media card on the megapixel Mobotix construction monitoring webcam.  Enabling the construction Project manager to have a full record for project management purposes, and security issues, a complete record of the duration of the 6 month construction project.

Should you require a low cost rented Camvista 3G construction monitoring webcam for your construction project, which can also double up as a security camera monitoring solution.  Telephone 0845 241 6040 or fill in a contact form – HERE

Click HERE to see 7 day timelapse

New Portacams site Launched for Mobile CCTV Solutions

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009


Over the last 12 years we have been building a business based around Construction Site Security using Remotely Monitored CCTV. Today we have just launched our Portacams site, which will be dedicated to Mobile CCTV for temporary installations such as short term contract. The mobile unit is totally self-contained and requires no cables and connects to the internet using 3G.

Please have a feel free to browse our site and if you have any questions, please do not hastate to contact us.

Construction Site In Perth and Kinross using Remote Alert

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009



A Main Contractor in the county of Perth and Kinross has started using Remote Alert’s IP CCTV System as a way of see who is coming and going on the construction site, although there is a Security Guarding Company on site 24 hours they still find it very useful as a way of checking the guard is doing their patrols, total cost of the outdoor Mobotix megapixel camera system was under a weeks charge for the guards on site.


The system has now been installed for over 6 months now and as proved very useful, in checking on petty things which happen on site.


Contact Us on 0845 241 6040 to find out more.

3G/GPRS security camera monitoring packages

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

factoryLooking to remotely monitor inside or outside a void factory, a mothballed building site or construction site, or vacant business premises?  Or you want to keep an eye on an empty house or remotely monitor activity inside or outside a holiday home?  And you don’t have or want to operate an expensive telephone line or ADSL broadband connection running at your vacant premises?

If you’re answer is YES to any of these questions – We have good news for YOU.  We can provide you a really cost effective 3G/GPRS security monitoring camera solution to suite all financial budgets and requirements. Much cheaper and easier than operating a dedicated ADSL broadband telephone connection at an empty property or vacant factory.  Many of our Remote Alert clients can vouch for that!!!

The telephone/ADSL broadband savings that you will make by taking our 3G/GPRS mobile phone monthly package will allow you to reduce savings even after paying for a monthly fee for our Remote Alert security camera monitoring solution to remotely monotor your void business premises – online!!!  Giving clients a genuine recession proof security camera monitoring package to ride the economic downturn.


Construction and Building Site Monitoring and Security

Friday, September 12th, 2008

constructionRemote Alert is proving to very popular with construction and building companies who want a `recession proof` security and monitoring solution for their construction and building site developments. At a fraction of the price for paying for paying guarding companies or having their security cameras on their building sites monitored by security monitoring companies. Making huge savings on their security budget. Saving thousands of pounds per building site, per year in many cases. Great news for the recession hit construction and building company sectors. (more…)