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Low Cost Construction Site Security for UK Construction and Building Companies

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Over the last 12 months Camvista’s MeerCam rapid deployable self powered wireless GPRS mobile security video verification cameras are proving to be the fastest remote security solution for construction site security around the UK and Ireland. 

Construction and House Building companies in Engtland, Scotland Ireland and Wales are now deploying the low cost and innovative MeerCams video verification alarm monitored system to secure and protect their construction site security – at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned guarding, CCTV site security monitoring and mobile trailor tower construction site security solutions

Low prices Construction Site security - the MeerCams

With a network of resellers in all areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland installing, operating and monitoring the battery powered GPRS mobile wireless surveillance MeerCam CCTV cameras more national, regional and local house building companies and construction companies are taking full advantage of the state of the art security technology that is now changing in 2011 the construction site security in the UK

No other construction site security solutions can match or even get close to the technology advances that the MeerCams are introducing and offering successfully to the UK construction site security sector.  Not only do the mobile battery powered MeerCams reduce operational and running costs of current construction site security solutions by more than 45% compared to the `so called` rapid deployable CCTV mobile tower trailors, manned guarding and CCTV construction site security the MeerCams are proving to be the BEST deterrant to stop crime and theft on construction and building sites around the UK and having an amazing record of actually catching criminals in the `act` when attempting break-ins on house building and construction sites

CCTV surveillance portable tower trailer

Many UK construction and house building companies are renting the MeerCams from our network of UK resellers on short term – 1-4 weeks, medium term - 4 – 16 weeks or long term rental aggreements 16 weeks plus at the fraction of the cost similar construction site security solutions such as CCTV mobile tower trailors, static manned guarding and CCTV monitoring site security solutions and because the MeerCams are 100% battery powered – power lasting up to 2 years, there are no expensive running and operating costs such as diesel fuel costs to run power generators on building and construction sites when operating CCTV monitoring security equipment out of working hours.

CCTV surveillance portable trailor power generator

 With dramatic increases in diesel fuel costs over the last 12 months, operating mobile CCTV monitoring tower trailors and traditional construction site security CCTV monitoring systems via power generators are greatly increasing the running costs to such a high level that construction and building site companies can now rent and deploy the self powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams and have them installed, operating and monitored with a choice of over 45 Alarm Receiving Centres to monitor them around the UK and Ireland cheaper than the running diesil fuel costs of a power generator required to operate a CCTV surveillance portable tower trailor or other CCTV security monitoring system to secure and protect the security of a construction site - before you start renting the CCTV equipment, installation, CCTV monitoring and the rental costs of a power generator – showcasing why many UK house building companies and construction sites are moving their construction site security away from expensive to operate portable CCTV surveillance tower trailors to the low cost MeerCam self powered construction site security systems

For more detailed information why the MeerCam battery powered GPRS mobile wireless video verification alarm CCTV security camera systems are now the fastest growing remote security monitoring system in the UK. – Download our MeerCam Remote Security PDF documentHERE

Wanting more detailed information why the MeerCam battery powered video verfication alarm system will slash the current construction site security costs that your company is paying for CCTV security portable tower trailors or other CCTV surveillasnce camera monitoring solutions? – Telephone0845 241 6040       Or fill in a Camvista feedback form - HERE

Wanting to arrange a full site survey and meeting with one of the Camvista’s resellers in all areas of England, Scotland Wales and Ireland?  If so – Telephone – 0845 241 6040  Or fill in a Camvista feedback form - HERE

Camvista to launch new online camera management remote monitoring application for the MeerCams battery powered security surveillance camera systems – Remote Event

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Camvista are launching prior to the IFSEC 2011 Security Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC Conference Centre a new and very innovative low-cost online security monitoring camera application for their highly popular rapid deployable MeerCams battery powered GPRS mobile wireless surveillance camera systemsRemote Event.

meercam online security camera monitoring application remote event

Remote Event online security camera monitoring application for the MeerCams

Remote Event will allow Monitoring Stations and Alarm Receiving Centres around the globe as well as the network of resellers of the MeerCams to operate an online security monitoring solution for the GPRS mobile wireless self powered surveillance cameras.   End-Users deploying their MeerCams to protect and secure their businesses, properties, remote assets will shortly be also able to set up an Remote Event account so that they can remotely monitor their battery powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams via a secure web-interface over the Internet and web-enabled mobile phones and devices.   Giving End-Users the opportunity to security monitor their MeerCams without having to have them security monitored professionaly by a Monitoring Station or Alarm Receiving Centre

meercam online camera monitoring remote event

Remote Event 10 second video clip for the MeerCams

The Remote Event online camera monitoring application has many user friendly features and benefits for operating and monitoring the GPRS mobile self-powered wireless MeerCams security camera systems.  Allowing Alarm Receiving Centres, Monitoring Stations, installers and resellers world-wide to gain and gather valuable online security monitoring information when operating  the revolutionary rapid deployable MeerCam security monitoring camera systems

remote event camera periodic checks for the meercams

MeerCam periodic camera checks on Remote Event

The MeerCam online camera management solutionRemote Event – easy to use management web-interface  allowing users to not only remotely monitor the MeerCams via a password protected dedicated web-based platform but also greatly assists  in the operating and management of the battery powered MotionViewer wireless GPRS security cameras. 

remote event event log stats for the meercams

Remote Event Events Log stats for the MeerCams

Remote Event online camera management features:

  • Online access via secure web-interface to view, monitor and produce management information of the MeerCams in security operation
  • Notification via text or email of any camera failure or fault of any of the MeerCams in security operation
  • Online access to view camera snapshots of up to 20 cameras per site location to view periodic camera views of the MeerCams in security monitoring mode. Remote Event can be configured to show one snap shot per day of each camera – twice a day – hourly – 12 hours – 24 hours.
  • Email or text alerts to notify Remote Alert account holders that there has been an activation(s) detected by their MeerCam security cameras – to view all saved activations in the Remote Event account
  • All 10 second MeerCam video alert clips are stored and saved in the Remote Event account.  Video clips can be viewed in 320×240 or 640×480 video size.  Remote Event 10 second video clips are time dated stamped as a record of the security monitoring incident
  • Save incident video clip in MPEG or MP4 format onto computer as a permanent record of the security incident.  Email clip feature to forward 10 second video clips to work colleagues or family members – print feature to produce prints of images on the video clips
  • Motion Events Stats section to view all activated 10 second video clips – searched by date – by hour. Motion Detection Events date – time – calendar to view all MeerCam security activations
  • Event Log section – detailing management records of MeerCams being armed and disarmed – activation/intrusions – periodic camera checks – battery power strength of MeerCam equipment.Option to receive text or email alerts when the MeerCam system is armed and disarmed.

Wanting more information about the Remote Event online camera monitoring application for the self powered battery powered CCTV GPRS mobile MeerCams?  Contact Camvista - HERE or TELEPHONE - 0845 241 6040

Would YOU like a live online working demo of Remote Event in operation?  If so - contact Camvista – HERE or TELEPHONE - 0845 241 6040 to book a online Remote Event demo

MeerCams Rapidly Deployed Around UK To Stop Copper and Metals Theft

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The Camvista MeerCams battery powered GPRS mobile wireless motion detector CCTV remote security cameras are being deployed by companies and organisations around the UK to help stop and combat the dramatic rise in copper theft and other now valuable metal thefts.  Metal and copper theft is now the fastest growing crime in the UK costing businesses and organisations over £650m per year – in 2011 reaching epidemic proportions which is expected to greatly increase the $650m yearly loss of copper theft


Stop Copper Theft - MeerCams

Copper prices have soared to over £4,854 per tonne making copper theft very profitable to serious criminals and organised gangs by stealing copper products at remote locations to sell onto the black market.  Hitting Railway companies, Power Utility companies, Water Operators, Telephone companies, Construction companies and Void Property companies to name a few business sectors that are being targeted by criminals to steal copper and other valuable metals because some of their business locations are unstaffed and remote where the copper products are being used for their business requirements

Because power and telephone/broadband lines are required for traditional security CCTV security monitoring many companies and organisations are unable to protect their remote locations with CCTV monitoring cameras to stop and reduce copper and metals theft at their remote facilities.

However – the Camvista self powered wireless GPRS mobile CCTV security monitoring camera system – the MeerCam - is now allowing Network Rail, Power Utility companies, Water Boards, Telephone companies, Construction companies and Void property Housing Associations and Council’s and Education Authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to greatly reduce their risk to metal and copper theft crimes by rapidly deploying the MeerCam battery powered infrared motion detector CCTV portable surveillance cameras at any remote security location to combat the organised criminals and gangs that are making theft of copper and metals the fastest growing crime in and around the UK.

Already some construction companies have seen the full benefits of deploying the MeerCams onto their construction sites to stop and catch theft of copper and metals.  On one construction site over a three month period the MeerCams have stopped three serious break-ins with the police being able to arrest and charge 9 criminals who were trying to steal copper and metal from that construction site on 3 seperate attempts.  Proving that the MeerCam is not only a good deterrent to stop and prevent theft at remote locations that are unmanned out of working hours but will actually help to catch the criminals that are targeting remote locations for copper and metal theft

For more information on the Camvista MeerCam battery powered GRPS mobile wireless infrared portable CCTV monitoring camera systems - visit – HERE

Wanting a full working demo of the MeerCams in operation to show you why it is now the NUMBER ONE battery powered remote security CCTV camera system to combat copper and metals theft?  TELEPHONE - Camvista - 0845 241 6040 or fill in a contact inquiry form – HERE

Rapid Deployable Battery Powered GPRS Wireless Reseller Packages

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Camvista are working closely with a team of Resellers around the UK and Ireland who are selling the Camvista MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring camera systems to end users and clients in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Ireland

Already the MeerCam GPRS battery wireless surveillance cameras are proving to be the BIG HIT of 2011 in the security monitoring sector.  Resellers are making good sales of the MeerCams all over the UK and Ireland in various business sectors. 

The UK construction and house building sector have finally woken up to the cost saving benefits in deploying the MeerCam battery wireless GPRS surveillance monitoring cameras onto their construction and house building sites.  Feedback from many construction and housebuilding clients are confirming that they are making site security savings of up to 45% per site by renting the rapid deployable MeerCam construction site monitoring cameras.  Very substatial saving in a sector hit very badly in the current econimical business climate

MeerCam Demo security monitoring kit

 As well as having more success in stopping theft or catching criminals on their construction building sites than standard CCTV construction monitoring or manned guarding.  Some of our Resellers are now renting 10+ Meercam systems – ranging from 5 – 15 camera systems per site and making an excellent Return of Investment through their business efforts

Already in January 2011 many MeerCam sales and rental deals have been coverted in the Void and Vacant property sector.  With Housing Association, Councils, Health Boards, Property Developers who are wanting to protect their empty and vacant houses, void properties, empty factories and vacant pubs.  With crime figures soaring for criminals looking to steal metals, lead and other commodities from soft targets – empty and void properties and buildings – the battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring cameras are really proving to be a BIG HIT in the Void security sector as they can dramatically reduce the traditional security costs in protecting and securing void and empty buildings and properties anywhere in the UK.  It is hoped in the near future that some Void Property insurance companies might give insurance price reductions for void properties deploying the MeerCam security monitoring cameras on their vacant and empty properties

Camvista have now signed up 7 UK monitoring station companies in the UK and N Ireland who are offering their security monitoring services to monitor the MeerCams.  Many of the Monitoring stations have seen a big increase in their monitoring business because of the success of the MeerCam battery powered wireless GRPS security camera systems.

Many Security companies in Scotland, England Ireland and Wales that offer manned guarding security services and mobile patrol security services are reselling the MeerCam rapid deployment cameras to many of their clients.  Upselling new security monitoring services that already compliment their established guarding security business

Interested to become a Reseller of the MeerCam rapid deployable battery powered GPRS wiress security monitoring camera systems? - If so – contact CamvistaHERE

Wanting a live demo of the MeerCams in working mode at your office or business premises anywhere in the UK and Ireland – contact Camvista - HERE

For more info on how you can become a MeerCam Reseller and make good money in 2011 – contact Camvista - HERE

Low Cost Rapid Deployment Construction Site Monitoring Camera Systems

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Construction and House Building companies are now securing and protecting their construction and house building sites around the UK by renting the Camvista low cost rapid deployment construction site monitoring cameras – the MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS surveillance cameras.

Renting the MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security cameras for construction site security from Camvista is reducing traditional construction site security costs by up to 45% - in today’s economic downturn this price saving for construction security should not be missed.  Not only are Camvista delpoying their MeerCam rapid deployment surveillance camera systems on construction and house building sites around the UK but now their MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring cameras are now being rapidly deployed on many house building and construction sites in Australia. On one Care home construction project outside Sydney in NSW Australia – 9 arrests have been made during 3 attempted break ins over a three months period because of the Camvista MeerCams being monitored by a Sydney monitoring center

Low cost construction site security cameras

Not only will the rapid reployable MeerCam construction surveillance security monitoring system knock 1,000’s of £’s of your construction site security budget – per construction project –  it will also help to improve and enhance your onsite security on your contruction or house building project – delivering a much more reliable and robust security construction solution that will actually stop and catch crime and theft on building sites as well as acting as a deterrent to stop unwanted visitors making a visit on the construction site.

MeerCam battery powered construction security cameras

Camvista rent out their MeerCam construction security monitoring cameras – for days – weeks – months to house building and construction companies in all areas of the UK.  At a weekly rental price less than paying for the diesil costs to operate a power generator during out of working hours on a construction site over a 7 day period - which will be required if you were using manned guarding or CCTV monitoring on a construction site – and that’s before you start paying for security costs such as CCTV cameras, installation and manned guards!!! 

Making the MeerCam security solution for the UK construction and house building a – NO BRAINER  Hence the reason that many construction companies in Australia are operating the MeerCam construction security camera monitoring systems to dranatically reduce their construction security budgets as well as greatly improve and enhance their traditional construction site security

For more detailed information on the Rapid Deployable MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS surveillance camera systems for construction site security – visit – HERE

To find out how the MeerCam construction site monitoring cameras can reduce your current construction security budget – per site – by at least 45% – visit – HERE

Wanting to have a working demo of the Camvista MeerCam monitoring cameras fully operating on one of your construction sites in your local area of the UK or in the car park area of your Head Office – Contact Camvista - HERE

To contact a Camvista Sales Representive for more info about the MeerCam construction site security monitoring solution – PHONE – 0845 241 6040

UK Static Guarding and Man Guarding Companies SignUp To MeerCam SurVeillance Video Camera Systems

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Camvista are signing up and working with many of the leading UK Man Guarding and Static Guarding  companies around England, Scotland and Wales who are wanting to work and operate Camvista’s MeerCam wireless GPRS battery powered alarm event video camera camera system on their security related guarding projects – to offer the MeerCam security camera system as part of their Man Guarding security services to their security related customers that they currently work for.

Rapid Security Deployment MeerCams security cameras

The MeerCam rapid deployment self powered CCTV video security camera system is allowing a large number of UK based Man Guarding security companies to create and build and create a new and very low cost security monitoring packages for their security clients by installing the mobile wireless MeerCam CCTV video cameras to combine with their current mobile patrol services and key holding and alarm response security patrols – especially for house building clients and construction sites that require security monitored with traditional CCTV cameras or static man guards.  Greatly reducing the costs for using static man guards on security guarding sites for their clients as well as introducing new security technology to improve and greatly enhance their current security guarding services.

Rapid deployment battery wireless gprs remote security cameras

Rapid deployment MeerCam battery remote security cameras

What appeals to Security Guarding companies is that MeerCam wireless, battery powered, alarm event based camera video security camera system can be rapidly deployed by in-house security personnel at a moment’s notice and be easily installed and fully operational and working as a security deterrent in a very short time-scale.  For short term security monitoring projects, or for medium term security surveillance projects, as well as for long term security guarding monitoring jobs – rented or sold to clients and new customers   No matter how remote the proposed surveillance project is located – providing there is a GPRS mobile phone signal available in the area of the security guarding project

Once the MeerCam CCTV wireless camera systems have been installed and ready for security monitoring any movement detected by the wireless indoor/outdoor CCTV cameras with built in PIR and IR LEDs will send a 10 second video clip of the movement detection over the GPRS mobile phone network to an Alarm Monitoring Station usually operated by the Man Guarding security companies – in-house – for instant verification by their well trained and experienced Alarm Monitoring Station security surveillance staff.

Once an intruder has been verified by the Man Guarding Alarm Monitoring Station a fast response Mobile security patrol or a member of the Key holding alarm response guarding team will be contacted via radio or mobile phone to make an immediate visit to the site that has been broken into and take the necessary steps to once again secure their client’s site.  When the fast response Mobile security patrol or a member of the Key holding alarm response guarding team is on route to the scene of the `verified` break in – emails can be forwarded with the 10 second video clips to the mobile guarding response team, via their web-enable mobile phone devices – giving as much background info about the intruder(s) before arriving at the scene of the break in.  Helping to protect their client’s site as well as stopping damage and equipment being stolen

If you operate or work for a Man Guarding security company and would like to learn how the Camvista MeerCam CCTV video surveillance monitoring cameras can help your security guarding company – Telephone Camvista – 0845 241 6040 or fill in a customer inquiry form – HERE

Join the many other Man Guarding companies that are enjoying the full benefits of the MeerCam wireless GPRS battery powered alarm event video camera camera system to combine with their current security business services – Telephone - Camvista - 0845 242 6040

MeerCam Event Based Wireless Self Powered Video Security CCTV Camera Systems

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Looking for a totally wireless, GPRS battery powered, CCTV surveillance camera system that can be quickly deployed in a few hours to remote monitor and protect and secure a construction site, farm buildings, Void properties, remote Power Substations, mobile phone masts – at extremely cost effective and VERY low prices?   If so – then check out our new MeerCam self powered wireless GPRS event based video surveillance camera monitoring systems – knock thousands of ££££’s by purchasing or renting our low cost MeerCam self powered wireless CCTV camera systems

Benefits of our MeerCam self powered wireless GPRS event based CCTV surveillance camera monitoring systems:

No mains power required at security camera monitoring location – 2 year battery life for GPRS wireless CCTV cameras

Totally wireless, NO cables required, no broadband or power required at site location – no matter where the location in the UK.

10 second video clip of event based instrusion sent over the GPRS mobile phone network to a Remote Video Response Centre – Receive event alert video to a web-enabled mobile phone or computer

Instant MeerCam CCTV camera equipment installation – Easy de-install and transfer to other sites for security monitoring -

Up to 24 MeerCam event based camera monitoring units at one site location – outdoor and indoor PIR cameras – indoor or outdoor sirens – smoke detectors – control panel – keypad – badge reader – keyfobs

Low cost remote security camera monitoring as the MeerCam self powered wireless GPRS security camera systems are event based – only required to be monitored when motion detector is activated at camera location

Low cost CCTV surveillance camera equipment -  purchase or rental options available

For more information about the Camvista - MeerCam self powered wireless GPRS security camera systems – Telephone – 0845 241 6040 or fill in an inquiry form – HERE or email us – HERE

Low Cost Construction Wireless Self Powered Security Monitoring System

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Construction and House Building companies around the UK are signing up for the Camvista `MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system` which Camvista has recetly launched in early 2010 – knocking thousands of £££’s from their current construction site security surveillance budgets. Allowing construction and house building companies to reduce their construction security budgets in the current downturn of the economy

Camvista’s innovative and very cost effective MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system` allows construction and house building companies to quickly deploy self powered wireless night vision security cameras overlooking construction and building site compounds and perimeter fence areas around their construction building sites.  Large construction sites – medium size building sites and even small house building sites.  Allowing the MeerCam self powered wireless surveillance cameras to be monitored `out of working hours` by N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Stations at the fraction of the cost of traditional static guarding companies or CCTV construction security monitoring companies

Camvista have just recently installed a 20 MeerCam rental construction wireless self powered security camera monitoring system for a leading Scottish construction company in Central Scotland.   Knocking their normal construction site security monitoring budget by over 65%.  Saving them thousands of £££’s over the 30 week construction project.

MeerCam constrction site security monitoring cameras

This Scottish Construction company normally deploys CCTV construction surveillance cameras on many of their construction projects around the UK – monitored by an Alarm Monitoring Security company.  To operate CCTV construction monitoring surveillance cameras on their previous construction sites required power generators to be operating out of working hours night times – weekends – holiday periods.

The weekly rental costs for their current 20 MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system which also includes installation, maintenance, operational costs as well as having the MeerCam surveillance outdoor cameras monitored by a N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Stations are lower than – the fuel costs of operating their own power generator on their normal construction sites. Add their normal rental costs of the CCTV construction security monitoring cameras, the installation of the camera equipment, which would of taken over 7 days or more to install, rather than two days with our 20 MeerCam construction security monitoring cameras and equipment, and the costs of having the CCTV construction security cameras monitored – no wonder their saving over 65% of their standard security site budget

MeerCam wireless self powered construction security moniting camera system

Within the first week of the 20 MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system in operation on their Central Scotland located construction site two intruders were detected visiting their site at 2am by the appointed N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Station.  The MeerCam alarm siren was activated and alerted the two intruders that they had been spotted breaking into the construction site.  Local police to the area of the construction site were notified by the Alarm Monitoring Station as well as the construction site manager was sent via email to his web-enabled mobile phone the video alarm footage of the two intruders being detected on the construction site and running away after hearing the alarm siren.  Showing the MeerCam construction site security monitoring system in full working mode to protect the construction site out of working hours

This new construction client for Camvista have recently placed a further two new orders for the MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system to deploy and operate at one construction site in the Midlands area of England and another house building site in Central Scotland

For more information on the LOW PRICE Camvista MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system visit - HERE Wanting to see the savings for your next construction or house building project for security camera monitoring? Let us quote for your next projectfill in an inquiry formHERE Or telephone Camvista – 0845 – 241 – 6040 for more detailed info on our Camvista MeerCam construction wireless self powered security monitoring system

Low Cost Farm Security Camera Surveillance Alarm Systems For UK Farms

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Camvista, the leading UK remote monitoring security camera provider has just recently launched their new low cost Remote Alert CCTV camera Farm monitoring solution to provide a very simple and cost effective CCTV security and alarm service for farms, of all sizes, around the UK

After two years of development, the Camvista Remote Alert Farm security camera surveillance solution is now being deployed around farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to assist farmers in securing and protecting their farms and equipment in rural areas – at extremely competitive prices.  Dramatically reducing prices for operating traditional, cumbersome and expensive farm CCTV cameras that have been previously been deployed for farm and agricultural security in rural areas around the UK

The new and already proving to be very popular Remote Alert Farm security monitoring cameras are battery powered motion detected PIR network cameras that are wireless operated and working on a GPRS mobile phone network.  Allowing the Farm surveillance cameras to be installed and security monitored by a monitoring station remotely or in-house by farmers via web-enabled mobile phones or computer in nearly every area of the UK

The Remote Alert Farm camera alarm systems are 100% wireless, ZERO cables are required for the Camvista developed farm security monitoring system making the installation of battery powered mobile surveillance cameras a simple and very easy installation process – in every area of a farm.  The GPRS battery powered Remote Alert network security cameras have a battery life of 2 years before having to be re-charged.  No need to have a telephone line or broadband connection, or even power available to operate the GPRS battery farm security cameras from

If a farmer is wanting to install and operate farm security cameras overlooking any areas of a farm steading, inside or outdoors, secure fertiliser, fuel tanks and chemical storage areas,  secure farm machinery or farming implements, farm entrance roadways, equipment and crops in fields, even horses and livestock in fields – the Remote Alert Farm security battery powered GPRS monitoring solution is the number one low cost farm security surveillance solution available currently in the UK market

For more information on the Camvista Remote Alert Farm security mobile battery powered alarm camera solution - visit Remote AlertHERE If you’re needing more information about Camvista’s new low cost farm security camera surveillance monitoring solution – fill in a Remote Alert enquiry form - HERE Or phone our Camvista Sales office at – telephone number0845 241 6040

Vacant Property – Void Buildings Low Cost CCTV Surveillance Camera monitoring

Friday, February 19th, 2010

 The low cost Camvista MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS rapid deployable CCTV monitoring camera systems are being deployed all over the UK to help protect many vacant properies, void and empty commercial buildings, disused factories, void building and construction sites, closed down pubs and shops and many other types of empty properties and vacant houses - all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

With more recession-related crimes being reported on the increase around all areas of the UK because of the current economic downturn, empty and void buildings and unused properties are being targeted as a easy `soft target` for theft, vanadalism and arson.   

The Camvista – MeerCam cost effective rapid delpoyable indoor/outdoor CCTV battery powered surveillance cameras  allows 24/7 battery powered CCTV security cameras being  monitored in void properties or vacant buildings around the UK – at a fraction of the price and operational costs of traditional vacant property security and fire alarm monitoring solutions that have been now available for a number of years.

MeerCam Void Property Security Protection

MeerCam protection void factory

Councils, Health Boards, Housing Associations, commercial property companies, property owners and void insurance companies are increasing their protection of their void and vacant properties and empty buildings by renting and deploying the low priced rapid deployable MeerCam battery powered security monitoring cameras which can be installed in minutes and fully monitored either in-house with security staff or by many leading UK monitoring stations who have the software to monotor the MeerCam void protection security camera systems at their monitoring stations in Scotland, England, Wales and N Ireland

MeerCam indoor void property protection security camera

The low cost and high performance MeerCam battery powered GPRS security solution is saving void property companies, Councils, Local Authorities, Health Boards and Housing Associations  many thousands of pounds per year on having to protect and security monitor empty buildings, factories and disused properties, home or business premises with traditional and very expensive security CCTV camera monitoring or manned guarding methods.  Not only are the MeerCam battery powered void property protection security cameras a much cheaper option for securing vacant buildings and properties but even more importantly the MeerCams will greatly increase, improve and enhance the security requirements to protect and secure void and vacant properties

Utilising tried and fully tested wireless battery operated monitored GPRS CCTV surveillance cameras – indoor or outdoor battery powered CCTV security cameras, Camvista can deliver a truly cost effective and low cost void or vacant property 24/7 security camera monitoring solution using  inovative wireless battery operated smoke and security sensors with built in motion detection surveillance GPRS monitoring cameras – stopping and preventing expensive crime costs and theft in empty and vacant buildings and properties anywhere in the UK 

All 10 second video clips activations from the MeerCams can be monitored by a number of leading UK based NSI Gold Approved security monitoring stations as well as having the option to monitor the MeerCam systems in-house by downloading the MeerCam software onto a computer system in a office that is staffed 24 hous a day.  Camvista can also arrange training and assistance to operate the MeerCam monitoring software in-house on a conputer system as well as training in-house staff for monitoring the MeerCam void property protection security cameras 

Low priced Rental and Purchase options are available for protecting Void properties and reducing business rates and building insurance costs.  Contact Camvista - HERE for purchase or rental prices – or phone – 0845 241 6040

Features of our MeerCam Void Property Battery Powered CCTV Security Monitoring Package:

  • No mains power – 2 year battery life for all equipment
  • Totally wireless, no cables, broadband or power required at void property location 
  • Instant installation the entire system package – training provided for in-house installation teams
  • Easy de-install and transfer to other void or vacant properties – minutes – a few hours
  • Can be easily moved and rearranged on vacant premises site as needs change.
  • PIR motion sensor(s) detects intruder – sends instant 10 second video clip to monitoring centre
  • PIR smoke sensor(s) detects smoke
  • 10 second video clip of intrusion sent over the mobile phone network to a NSI Gold Approved Remote Video Response Centre or by in-house monitoring staff 
  • Up to 24 day/night vision surveillance cameras/smoke sensors/indoor or outdoor sirens on a single MeerCam system.

For more information about our MeerCam Void Building battery powered GPRS CCTV surveillance monitoring package contact us - HERE or Telephone us at - 0845 241 6040

For more detailed information about the Camvista MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring camera systems - visit – HERE

Wanting a MeerCam demo in your office or at a void property that you own to see the MeerCam battery power GPRS wireless void protection security cameras fully operating in a trial mode?  If so – Telephone – 0845 241 6040 or fill in a `contact us` form - HERE