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Low cost 3G construction webcam for remote security monitoring

Thursday, March 12th, 2009
mobotixOne of the UK’s leading services, maintenance and building groups are renting a Camvista 3G operated megapixel construction  webcam to overlook one of their construction sites in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The UK construction company required a rapid deployed Camvista construction webcam to be operating at one of their construction projects in Edinburgh within 7 working days of them placing their order.  No telephone or broadband connection was available at the proposed webcam location in Edinburgh.  Camvista opted to operate the high resolution construction monitoring web cam via their 3G mobile solution that is proving to be very popular for remote security camera monitoring around the UK

Within 10 days of the construction webcam enquiry, Camvista packaged a rental construction webcam package to suite the construction client’s requirements and budget figures.  Carried out a full site survey at the construction site in Edinburgh, issued a detailed method statement, which was signed off, and installed their fully operating 3G megapixel mobotix construction monitoring camera overlooking the area of the site that our construction client wanted to be viewed remotely via their 3G construction monitoring webcam.

The Camvista 3G mobile high resolution construction webcam now operating on the Edinburgh construction site is displaying updated webcam images every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the duration of the 6 month construction project.  Archived images are also being saved every 5 minutes, throughout the duration of the building project so that Camvista can provide their construction client a high quality time lapse movie to show from the start of the construction project to the completed building.  The construction client, and their developer now feature the construction webcam on their websites, and intranet sites, by adding Camvista’s fully managed and hosted Camplayer webcam application

The Camvista 3G construction webcam is not just a standard webcam overlooking a construction project.  The construction webcam is also doubling up as a remote monitoring security project camera.  Utilising Remote Alert, all motion detetected images from the construction monitoring webcam, at specific periods of times, daytime and nightimes, are being made available to remotely monitor via our Remote Alert web-interface.  Allowing the Project manager, and other key members of staff of the construction company to security monitor via snapshot images all movement on the construction project via their construction webcam.

As well as Remote Alert operating, which allows remote security monitoring of all motion detected images, all motion detected images, throughout the 6 month project, are being archived 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a SD media card on the megapixel Mobotix construction monitoring webcam.  Enabling the construction Project manager to have a full record for project management purposes, and security issues, a complete record of the duration of the 6 month construction project.

Should you require a low cost rented Camvista 3G construction monitoring webcam for your construction project, which can also double up as a security camera monitoring solution.  Telephone 0845 241 6040 or fill in a contact form – HERE

Click HERE to see 7 day timelapse

Construction Site In Perth and Kinross using Remote Alert

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009



A Main Contractor in the county of Perth and Kinross has started using Remote Alert’s IP CCTV System as a way of see who is coming and going on the construction site, although there is a Security Guarding Company on site 24 hours they still find it very useful as a way of checking the guard is doing their patrols, total cost of the outdoor Mobotix megapixel camera system was under a weeks charge for the guards on site.


The system has now been installed for over 6 months now and as proved very useful, in checking on petty things which happen on site.


Contact Us on 0845 241 6040 to find out more.

Buy IP security network cameras for remote monitoring

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

camvista_shopWe’ve just launched a new online IP network security camera shop to sell IP monitoring cameras that work with our Remote Alert security monitoring solution.  Visit our IP network security camera online shop HERE

Out IP network security camera shop sells the low-priced Y-cam wireless indoor and external security cameras that feature motion detection and Power over Ethernet.  The Y-cam range of security monitoring cameras are excellent value for their price and work really well with Remote Alert.  A great wireless range of IP cameras to buy for home and business security monitoring. (more…)

GPRS/3G mobile and cellular phone technology for CCTV security monitoring

Friday, August 15th, 2008

factory_gate_securityMany clients of Camvista, are operating their CCTV network security cameras, to be monitored by Remote Alert, by utilising the latest 3G GPRS mobile phone technology. Allowing deployment of CCTV cameras in hours, rather than waiting for days, or weeks, to have a telephone line installed, and ADSL broadband enabled, before security cameras, to be used for remote security monitoring, can be installed and up and working in security mode.

GPRS 3G cell phone mobile technology, now available throughout the Uk, is extremely cost effective, and in most cases for Remote Alert customers, a cheaper and much easier option than installing a PSTN telephone line with ADSL broadband. Our Remote Alert online security camera monitoring solution works perfectly well with 3G and GPRS mobile Internet connections. Helping our Remote Alert clients to save money, for CCTV camera monitoring, by using the latest 3G cellular mobile phone technology available in the UK (more…)

Security camera monitoring Accident Repair Centre

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

garage_cctvSlough based Accident Repair Centre, Caversham Coachworks, have been operating a Remote Alert security monitoring camera system, for over 6 months, overlooking their vehicle compound and car parking area at their business premises in the Slough Industrial Estate.. Managing Director, Ranjit Gill, was worried about the security of his 30 bay vehicle compound at the rear of of his Accident Repair Centre, as well as the staff car parking area, so he decided to look for a cost effective surveillance camera system that will allow him to remotely monitor, and record snapshot images of all vehicles, and cars, arriving and leaving through the one entrance area to the vehicle compound and staff car parking area. His main concern, was movement of vehicles at night times and especially during weekends. (more…)

Remote Alert Monitors Scottish Quarry Company

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

 Client Brief
A Scottish based Quarry company required a security camera monitoring solution that would allow management at their Quarry head office to remotely monitor, and record security camera snapshots of all Lorries arriving and leaving their busy Quarry site to match up with their weigh bridge records.  They also required snapshot images to confirm and check that each Lorry unloaded the correct consignment and did not contaminate their Quarry site with other products.

Camvista arranged for two high-resolution Mobotix
surveillance cameras to be installed at the Scottish Quarry.  The two security cameras were positioned to monitor the entrance to the Quarry site, and also to overlook the area where all lorries unload their consignments.  Motion detection sensors were also set up so all movement in front of the Mobotix security cameras would allow all triggered high quality images to be recorded on Remote Alert.  All recorded images from the Scottish Quarry are saved on Remote Alert for up to 10 days.  Head Office can view the two Mobotix mega pixel cameras, live, remotely, or can view all saved snapshot images by accessing their Remote Alert account on a hourly or daily basis.  Management at Head Office now have a record of how many Lorries attended their Quarry site, hourly or daily, and can confirm that all Lorries unloaded the required products at their Quarry site.  Already, since Remote Alert has been in operation, snapshots have been sent to one Transport Company to prove that their lorry had delivered the incorrect load to the Quarry site.