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Low Cost Farm Security Camera Surveillance Alarm Systems For UK Farms

Friday, March 5th, 2010

Camvista, the leading UK remote monitoring security camera provider has just recently launched their new low cost Remote Alert CCTV camera Farm monitoring solution to provide a very simple and cost effective CCTV security and alarm service for farms, of all sizes, around the UK

After two years of development, the Camvista Remote Alert Farm security camera surveillance solution is now being deployed around farms in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to assist farmers in securing and protecting their farms and equipment in rural areas – at extremely competitive prices.  Dramatically reducing prices for operating traditional, cumbersome and expensive farm CCTV cameras that have been previously been deployed for farm and agricultural security in rural areas around the UK

The new and already proving to be very popular Remote Alert Farm security monitoring cameras are battery powered motion detected PIR network cameras that are wireless operated and working on a GPRS mobile phone network.  Allowing the Farm surveillance cameras to be installed and security monitored by a monitoring station remotely or in-house by farmers via web-enabled mobile phones or computer in nearly every area of the UK

The Remote Alert Farm camera alarm systems are 100% wireless, ZERO cables are required for the Camvista developed farm security monitoring system making the installation of battery powered mobile surveillance cameras a simple and very easy installation process – in every area of a farm.  The GPRS battery powered Remote Alert network security cameras have a battery life of 2 years before having to be re-charged.  No need to have a telephone line or broadband connection, or even power available to operate the GPRS battery farm security cameras from

If a farmer is wanting to install and operate farm security cameras overlooking any areas of a farm steading, inside or outdoors, secure fertiliser, fuel tanks and chemical storage areas,  secure farm machinery or farming implements, farm entrance roadways, equipment and crops in fields, even horses and livestock in fields – the Remote Alert Farm security battery powered GPRS monitoring solution is the number one low cost farm security surveillance solution available currently in the UK market

For more information on the Camvista Remote Alert Farm security mobile battery powered alarm camera solution - visit Remote AlertHERE If you’re needing more information about Camvista’s new low cost farm security camera surveillance monitoring solution – fill in a Remote Alert enquiry form - HERE Or phone our Camvista Sales office at – telephone number0845 241 6040