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UK Static Guarding and Man Guarding Companies SignUp To MeerCam SurVeillance Video Camera Systems

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Camvista are signing up and working with many of the leading UK Man Guarding and Static Guarding  companies around England, Scotland and Wales who are wanting to work and operate Camvista’s MeerCam wireless GPRS battery powered alarm event video camera camera system on their security related guarding projects – to offer the MeerCam security camera system as part of their Man Guarding security services to their security related customers that they currently work for.

Rapid Security Deployment MeerCams security cameras

The MeerCam rapid deployment self powered CCTV video security camera system is allowing a large number of UK based Man Guarding security companies to create and build and create a new and very low cost security monitoring packages for their security clients by installing the mobile wireless MeerCam CCTV video cameras to combine with their current mobile patrol services and key holding and alarm response security patrols – especially for house building clients and construction sites that require security monitored with traditional CCTV cameras or static man guards.  Greatly reducing the costs for using static man guards on security guarding sites for their clients as well as introducing new security technology to improve and greatly enhance their current security guarding services.

Rapid deployment battery wireless gprs remote security cameras

Rapid deployment MeerCam battery remote security cameras

What appeals to Security Guarding companies is that MeerCam wireless, battery powered, alarm event based camera video security camera system can be rapidly deployed by in-house security personnel at a moment’s notice and be easily installed and fully operational and working as a security deterrent in a very short time-scale.  For short term security monitoring projects, or for medium term security surveillance projects, as well as for long term security guarding monitoring jobs – rented or sold to clients and new customers   No matter how remote the proposed surveillance project is located – providing there is a GPRS mobile phone signal available in the area of the security guarding project

Once the MeerCam CCTV wireless camera systems have been installed and ready for security monitoring any movement detected by the wireless indoor/outdoor CCTV cameras with built in PIR and IR LEDs will send a 10 second video clip of the movement detection over the GPRS mobile phone network to an Alarm Monitoring Station usually operated by the Man Guarding security companies – in-house – for instant verification by their well trained and experienced Alarm Monitoring Station security surveillance staff.

Once an intruder has been verified by the Man Guarding Alarm Monitoring Station a fast response Mobile security patrol or a member of the Key holding alarm response guarding team will be contacted via radio or mobile phone to make an immediate visit to the site that has been broken into and take the necessary steps to once again secure their client’s site.  When the fast response Mobile security patrol or a member of the Key holding alarm response guarding team is on route to the scene of the `verified` break in – emails can be forwarded with the 10 second video clips to the mobile guarding response team, via their web-enable mobile phone devices – giving as much background info about the intruder(s) before arriving at the scene of the break in.  Helping to protect their client’s site as well as stopping damage and equipment being stolen

If you operate or work for a Man Guarding security company and would like to learn how the Camvista MeerCam CCTV video surveillance monitoring cameras can help your security guarding company – Telephone Camvista – 0845 241 6040 or fill in a customer inquiry form – HERE

Join the many other Man Guarding companies that are enjoying the full benefits of the MeerCam wireless GPRS battery powered alarm event video camera camera system to combine with their current security business services – Telephone - Camvista - 0845 242 6040