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Setting Up Infrared IR LED Lighting on YCAM Knight and Black

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

When setting the Infrared IR LED lighting on the YCAM Knight or Black you select Camera in the admin section, folowed by Night Vision Setup, you will be presented with the following page like below:- 

In our experience we find that the above settings work well indoors when there are a lot of reflections from surfaces See Below:-



Switching “Black and white mode” off gives a good low light colour image see below:-

Our suggestion is to play around with the setting at different times of the day and night to find which  settings suits your required image using the built in Infrared LED Lighting on this wireless IP Camera, and on YCAM have launched the outdoor housing it makes the Knight and Black camera a lot more flexible. TIP Remember keep a note of settings and a snap shot to help to see best images.

If we were looking through glass we would switch off the “Infrared LED Control” and switch on “Moonlight mode” This would give a good low light image at night.

Remote Alert Y-cam Demo area

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Wanting to see Remote Alert in full operation? If so, visit our Remote Alert demo HERE. We have a number of Y-cam Knight IP wireless indoor static cameras set up in various small business locations to allow Remote Alert visitors to see our online security monitoring application fully operating. Just fill in the required date fields, when accessing our Remote Alert demo area and you’ll be sent , by email, a user name and password to access our demo users area. Your user name and password will be valid for up to 7 days. Your name and details will NOT be forwarded or given to any other organisation.

We are planning to operate many other Remote Alert camera demos, with more indoor and outdoor wireless Y-cams, as examples for home security situations and small business security applications. So keep checking out our popular Remote Alert demo section. To keep up to date with new Y-cams/Remote Alert demos, make sure that you subscribe to our Newsletter HERE