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About Us

Camvista Solutions Ltd was founded by leading experts with many years of experience in the CCTV security market and the webcam technologies sector.

Combining many years of expertise in both sectors has allowed Camvista Solutions Ltd  to develop and launch the much awaited and required online home and small business security monotoring application - Remote Alert.

Our Remote Alert security online monitoring application has been developed for the home and small business security market.  With years of experience in working in the traditional CCTV security camera market, and operating live webcams around the world, since 1997, we wanted to launch a 21st century online monitoring recording tool that will allow users, to remotely access recorded images that has been detected by low cost, but high quality wireless IP security cameras that feature motion detection and infrared functions - at VERY affordable prices - and no additional expensive onsite recording equipment required.

With standard broadband, now available throughout the UK and Ireland, at low monthly prices, we have developed a innovative, easy to operate, secure web based interface that will allow users to log onto to manage their Remote Alert security monitoring package - from any computer or hand device.

Remote Alert will greatly assist home users and small business owners to increase the security of their houses and business premises.  It's not a front line security device, to replace burglar alarms, or security guards, but a remote monitoring tool to view what's actually happening, and what has happened, by having the capability to view recorded snapshot images.  Monitor your home, or business premises, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, from the comfort of your computer.

With the recent launch of Remote Alert version 1 already proving to be a big hit for home and business users, Camvista Solutions Ltd will carry on developing further enhancements for their Remote Alert application, ensuring that current users, and new customers, will have access to one of the leading online security monitoring camera application, available in the world






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