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Business Security

Business owners are operating the MeerCam battery operated GPRS mobile wireless CCTV security monitoring cameras to protect and secure their business premises and facilities - out of working hours - at a fraction of the costs of a manned guard or traditional CCTV camera surveillance system

The MeerCam self powered GPRS mobile CCTV camera system operates and works like a burglar alarm system - with the innovative addition of video verification on any motion activated intrusion detected by the MeerCam sectors video alarm monitoring camera system - stopping false alarms - verifying that a `crime in action` is happening in real-time when the MeerCam is motion activated by movement detection.    

Our small business self powered wireless GPRS mobile CCTV monitoring products and services have been customised to meet the specific needs for small business owners in many business sectors - low price weekly or monthly rental packages - or budget purchase price options

The MeerCams CCTV surveillance can be used for many different business sectors and environments, including:

  • Retail shops

Benefits to business owners include:

  • Ability to remotely monitor facilities 24 hours a day
  • Stay in control
  • Availability of visual evidence to settle disputes
  • Reduce theft, crime and vandalism
  • Improves health and safety monitoring
  • Possible reduced expenses/exposure
  • Monitoring customer service and customers
  • Monitor material deliveries and handling
  • Potential insurance benefits
  • Document incidents when they occur
  • Peace of mind when out of office
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