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Q - I would like to sign up to Remote Alert to monitor my business premises.  What equipment do I require to get started?

A - All that is required to get started with Remote Alert, is purchasing a Y-cam Knight wireless IP camera from our Online IP camera store.  Decide if you require an outdoor Y-cam wireless camera system, or an indoor Y-cam wireless network camera.  Sign up for a Remote Alert account and fill in the information fields that are required.  Once you’ve purchased your Y-cam then it’s a simple matter to install the security camera overlooking the location that you want to monitor.  Once you’ve decided where to install the camera, you must be able to cable the Y-cam to a standard power supply.  Also, your Y-cam will be already pre-configured, to be compatitable with Remote Alert so if your router is wireless, and within the correct range of your wireless router, Remote Alert will automatically start saving alert images on your Web-interface account.  If you don’t have a wireless router, you must cable from the Y-cam camera, and plug the cable into your router system

Q -  Is Remote Alert a Frontline security system?

A – No, Remote Alert is NOT a frontline security system.  Don’t remove your current burglar alarm or replace a security guard.  Remote Alert has been fully developed as an online security camera monitoring application.  Allowing Remote Alert users to access online security camera images that have been captured by motion detection.  Remote Alert is a very cost effective, easy and quick to access, camera monitoring application

Q - I have no IT skills and not an expert in configuring my broadband router.  Will I be able to install and operate Remote Alert?

A – Yes, Remote Alert has been fully designed for the home and small business user.  No experience in IT skills or knowledge is required to start operating the Remote Alert package.  Just take the pre-configured Remote Alert package, and no need to worry about attempting to configure your current broadband router. To view a fully working Demo camera system, working with the pre-configured Remote Alert package, view HERE.  Remember, instead of having a `live` image displayed on your Remote Alert account, you will be able to view the last `saved` image that has been triggered by your motion detection IP camera system

Q - I would like to have a live image displayed on my Remote Alert account.  Insteade of the last recorded `saved` image.  How can I organise this?

A – Should you have some IT knowledge and skills, in particular with configuring your broadband router, it will be quite a simple exercise for you to have a `live` image displayed on your Remote Alert account.  You will require configuring your current broadband router to allow an Internet connection to your IP wireless security camera system.  Please note – The team at Camvista Solutions Ltd unfortunately cannot give support help and advice to assist Remote Alert users to configure their current broadband router.  There are so many broadband router manufactures, virtually all broadband routers have different technical configurations associated with their individual model of router systems.  If you’re having problems accessing the Internet connection to your network camera, please contact your broadband router supplier or manufacture for technical support issues.

Q – Is operating Remote Alert better than operating a standard CCTV camera system with a Digital Video Recorder?

ARemote Alert has been developed for the home user and small business customer.  With this in mind, from our market research, and experience from many years in the security camera sector, PRICE is the most important deciding factor to consider should a security camera system be purchased.  Normally, a CCTV camera system, with a Digital Video Recorder, is expensive to buy, install and operate.  And most important of all, complicated to understand and time consuming to search for recorded incidents.  With broadband being readily available in most homes and business in the 21st century, low monthly costs to operate, and the technology advances with IP wireless network webcams, at great prices, now is the time to start buying and operating 21st Century IP camera technology.  Remote Alert, requires no additional recording equipment, no old fashioned tapes to remember to change, easy to install and operate, reliable and robust, and is competitively priced to suite all home and small business users budgets.  Welcome to the 21st Century with Remote Alert

Q – To operate Remote Alert, do I require to upgrade my current broadband connection at my home or business?

A – No need to worry about upgrading your current broadband connection, at your home, or in your business premises.  No additional costs to operate your Remote Alert account with your current broadband connection or provider.  In fact, it’s an additional benefit and service that you can justify towards your current monthly running costs for having a broadband connection at your home and business.  Remote Alert will NOT affect the performance of your current broadband connection.  No need to worry about the Remote Alert service slowing down your computers, for example.  

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