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Making your home safe and secure is always a priority. As well as securing the garden, garage and car parking driveway. There are many times that you would also like to see what’s going on in and outside your home when you’re not there. Remote Alert enables you to secure your home and outside area, both live and as well through IP camera recordings.

General uses for Remote Alert are:

  • Protect your house and property from intruders, burglars, sneak thieves and vandals
  • Monitor by IP camera who arrives or leaves your house property, day and night time.
  • Ability to remotely monitor inside and outside your house
  • Monitor and record any incidents that have occurred in or outside your property
  • Checking in on family and children
  • Viewing the home when out of town
  • Monitoring a second home or a holiday home abroad

Alerts can also be setup to notify you of motion in a specific area of your house or property.

This has many uses including:

Finding out when your kids get home from school
Being alerted if there is motion in a second home when no one should be there

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