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Remote Alert Features

Once the wireless IP cameras are installed, and ready to operate, it will only take a few minutes to view them online on your Remote Alert account.  Just fill in the required details on the Remote Alert Camera set up page.  Not complicated to do, just fill in the correct fields with the details required.  Once this has been completed, go next to the Remote Alert subscription field.

Once you open the Remote Alert subscription link, you'll be asked to choose from the following three subscriptions types

  • 100MB of storage space - £10.00 plus VAT per month
  • 200MB of storage space - £20.00 plus VAT per month
  • 300MB of storage space - £30.00 plus VAT per month.


It is anticipated that for over 90% of Remote Alert users, the 100MB monthly storage space at £10.00 plus VAT, per month, will be perfectly adequate for monitoring home properties, and business premises.  Select the 100MB monthly package on the drop down menu.

Now you will be asked to sign up to 100MB Remote Alert package by signing into your Paypal account.  Should only take seconds.  Should you require a Paypal account, sign up HERE to join Paypal.  A small configuration of £10.00 plus VAT will be charged to your Paypal account.  Classed as a joining and set up fee.  Then you will have 30 days FREE to get your wireless security camera, up and working, fully tested on your Remote Alert account, before you first start paying the low monthly price of £10.00 plus VAT for the second month.  Then £10.00 plus VAT will be deducted from your Pay Pal account on a monthly basis

Remote Alert Tools

Spaced used.

By clicking the Space Used link on the top of your Remote Alert web interface, will give you full access to how much MB space, is being used by your working motion detection camera(s)  The more images saved, from your motion detection security cameras, the quicker the standard 100 MB storage space will be used.  However, you will not be charged, for further storage space, unless you upgrade your account.  All that will happen, should your camera(s) have many images captured by motion detection, will be less days of storage of your saved images to be viewed.  Please note, all saved images can be transferred to your computer hard drive, or memory stick, and certain images can be saved for a longer period, in your Remote Alert `Saved incidents` file.  Will only take seconds to do this.  Please note, no images will be deleted from your Remote Alert account, without users receiving a warning email from Remote Alert advising that 90% of storage space has been used.  Plenty time for users to transfer cetain images that they would like saved for a longer period of time.


Hourly Archive

Remote Alert’s `Hourly Archive` feature has been developed to allow Remote Alert users quick access to check that their IP wireless cameras are operating well and fully working on Remote Alert.  By clicking on the `show images` button, Remote Alert users will be able to view, at a glance, an hourly archived image, for the specific date and 24 hour time-frame that they’ve selected, displaying the images that have been saved, one per hour, which will fully confirm that the selected camera is fully operating in Remote Alert


Motion Events Stats 

One of Remote Alert's most popular monitoring tools.  Easy to view and understand, quick to find and select alert images in seconds.  No need to spend ages rewinding security video recorders, or even Digital video recorders to view certain incidents.  By clicking onto the Motion Events Stats users will be able to view daily graphs which will show how many incidents have been saved, per day.  By clicking the individual daily chart, users will see the hourly incidents, over a 24 hour period, at a glance, what hourly time period the saved incidents occurred.  This Motion Event tool will also be a great way to monitor people throughput or monitor busy periods if used in a shop or pub, as a working example.  By selecting which hour users want to view images from, just click the hourly graph, which will then produce all the images that have been detected during that designated hourly time frame.  Now users will be able to view, at a glance, all the images saved during that hour time frame.  All individual snap shots are time dated and stamped.


Motion Detection Events

This Remote Alert feature is the control centre to the Remote Alert application.  Allowing users to fully manage and control all the saved images detected by their security IP cameras. In the Motion Detection Events section, users can select, the date or dates, when they would like to view their saved images from.  Users also have the option to select the hourly time period of images that they would like to view along side the date option so that they can quickly select the time-frame of monitored images that they would like to quickly access.  Once they’ve selected the date, and time period, users can select to see all the saved images, by clicking onto the `show images` button, or can have the option by clicking the `slideshow` button to have a slideshow display of all the requested saved images.  With the `show images` option, Remote Alert users can `right click` each individual saved image where they will be given the following options:

Saved incident – By clicking the `save incident` image, the requested image will automatically saved in the `Saved Incidents` section, below the live image or last monitored saved image on Remote Alert.  The `Saved Incident` images are not automatically deleted when you reach Remote Alert’s 100MB limit. Allowing users to save the `saved incident` images over a longer time period.

Save image – When clicking the `save image,` users can now save the requested image onto their computer hard drive.

Email image – Clicking the `Email image` option will allow users to easily send the requested image, by email, to recipients that you would like to be able to view the saved incident  

Print image – Clicking the `Print image` option allows Remote Alert users to print the saved image from their computer

Delete image – Selecting the `Delete image` option allows Remote Alert users to delete the requested image from their Remote Alert web interface.


Saved Incidents

The Remote Alert `Saved Incidents` section, allows users to select the individual images that they would like to save over a longer time frame.  By right clicking, any image in the Motion Detection Events section, Remote Alert users will have the option to move the requested image to the `Saved Incidents` section.  This will protect the requested `saved incidents` images from being automatically deleted should your Remote Alert account reaches its allocated 100 MB of server space.


Accounts Summary

The `Accounts Summary` feature allows Remote Alert users to simply monitor their Remote Alert account.

Account Status – Notifies Remote Alert account users if their Remote Alert account is active or has been de-activated

Number of cameras – Look at a glance

Total allocated space – Total amount of space over all cameras in Remote Alert account

Disk usage – The total amount of space used over all the cameras in Remote Alert


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