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To suite all budgets, for our Remote Alert customers, their is a small monthly fee to allow users to log into our Remote Alert web interface to access their camera monitoring security account.  Remote Alert users, can access their camera monitoring account from any remote computer or hand held device through a secure user name and password interface.  Our budget price of only £10.00 plus VAT per month, gives Remote Alert users access to to our simple to operate, easy to manage, online security camera monitoring application that will greatly assist to view motion detected images that have been detected by wireless security cameras, inside, or outside their home property or business premises.  Remote Alert is NOT a frontline security system, to replace you current burglar alarm or security guard, but is an online camera monotiring package that has been developed to assist home and small users to monitor and record what is happening inside or outside their properties from the comfort of their computer or hand held device.

Our budget monthly Remote Alert package, for only £10.00 plus VAT allows users to save up to 100 MB of saved images onto their Remote Alert account.  On average, this will allow up to, approximately, 1,724 images per month, being saved and available to view, over a 30 day period on their Remote Alert package.  This approximately works out as 57 saved images per day, that can be accessed and viewed over a 30 day period.  Should your home property, or business premises, generate and require more than 57 saved images on average per day, motion detected from the security camera location, then Remote Alert, will automatically reduce the number of days, that the images will be saved for, to work in conjunction with the 100MB of monitored saved images for your Remote Alert account.  This will mean, saved images will be available to be monitored, online, for a shorter period of time.  Once you reach to 90% of your 100MB space, a email will be automatically sent to you, the account holder, to advise you that your nearly reaching your fully allocated image storage space.  Once you've reached your 100 MB space, the first images, by the earliest date of saved images, will be deleted to allow your Remote Alert account to carry on saving and storing up to date motion detected images.  Any of the earlier saved images, if required to be archived, for future viewing, at a later date, can be saved onto your computer hard drive or sent over to your Remote Alert `Saved Incidents` section of your Remote Alert account.

30 days storage = 57 images per day
20 days storage = 86 images per day
10 days storage = 172 images per day
5 days storage = 344 images per day

Should Remote Alert users want to increase more MB for their Remote Alert account, so that they can save and store more recorded images, there is a facility on Remote Alert to buy additional memory space.  Prices are as follows:

200 MB of monthly storage space - £20.00 plus VAT per month

300MB of monthly storage space - £30.00 plus VAT per month.

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