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Farm battery security wireless cameras

Remote Alert Battery Operated Farm Security Monitored CCTV Cameras

Our Remote Alert Farm battery powered security CCTV camera solution delivers a cost effective wireless CCTV security system for the Farming and Agricultural industry around the UK - allowing farmers to fully protect their farms, buildings, farm machinery and fields by delpoying our low cost wireless battery operated sensors with built in cameras - anywhere around their farm - allowing farmers to fully protect and secure their farming business and agricultural properties from intruders looking to cause damage and theft on their farms

Our Remote Alert Farm battery powered CCTV security monitoring camera solution is 100% wireless and requires ZERO cables to operate - allowing wireless battery operated sensors to be located inside or outside farm buildings, overlooking diesel and fertiliser storage areas, entrances to the farms as well as even protecting machinery and crops in farm fields.

Our low cost Farm CCTV security battery powered monitoring cameras can be installed on or around any farm building, inside or outdoors, or even in an agriculture field or private farm road as no phone lines or ADSL broadband connections are required.  No power or generators are required as well to operate the the battery operated wireless mobile CCTV cameras in any farm or agricultural area,

Our Remote Alert Farm CCTV surveillance cameras are 100% battery operated and send motion detection events via the GPRS mobile network to a monitoring station or directly to web-enabled mobile phone device or computer - increasing the security on any UK farm and allowing a farmer to security monitor what's happening in any location of the farm - at any time of the day or night

Installation of our Remote Alert sensor activated CCTV PIR wireless battery farm security cameras can be installed in a very short timescale, keeping camera installation costs to a minimum, and deployed quickly and hassle free to security monitor any vulnerable area on the farm. 

Once the Farm CCTV cameras have been armed, via a camera alarm keypad, similar to activating a standard burglar system, the Remote Alert Farm security camera system will be fully alarmed to protect the farm, during working hours as well as out of working hours, nightimes, weekends and holiday periods.  The Farm security CCTV cameras can be switched on and off during normal working hours to suite the farmers working day

On any motion detection infront of the battery powered PIR security cameras a 10 second video clip of what's caused the camera to be triggered via movement detection will be sent over the mobile phone network to our partners N.S.I. Gold Approved Monitoring Station or in-house to a web-enabled mobile phone device or computer operated by the farmer.  Allowing the 10 second video clip to be viewed and acted on or saved and made available for evidence to show the Police or made available to the Courts

Features of the RA Wireless Battery Farm CCTV Camera Solution:

  • No mains power required – 2 year CCTV camera battery life.
  • Totally wireless, no cables, ADSL broadband or power required
  • Easy and low cost installation for the Farm security camera  monitoring solution 
  • Easy de-install and transfer to other areas and locations on the Farm
  • Robust PIR motion sensor CCTV cameras with motion detection
  • 10 second video clip of intrusion sent over the mobile phone network to the Remote Video Response Centre.
  • Up to 20 battery powered camera sensors on a single Farm 
  • NSI Gold Approved Monitoring Station - web-enabled mobile phone devices and computers 

Good value rental or purchase prices available for our Remote Alert Battery Operated Farm Security Monitored CCTV Cameras solution

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