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Archive for January, 2011

Rapid Deployable Battery Powered GPRS Wireless Reseller Packages

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Camvista are working closely with a team of Resellers around the UK and Ireland who are selling the Camvista MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring camera systems to end users and clients in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Ireland

Already the MeerCam GPRS battery wireless surveillance cameras are proving to be the BIG HIT of 2011 in the security monitoring sector.  Resellers are making good sales of the MeerCams all over the UK and Ireland in various business sectors. 

The UK construction and house building sector have finally woken up to the cost saving benefits in deploying the MeerCam battery wireless GPRS surveillance monitoring cameras onto their construction and house building sites.  Feedback from many construction and housebuilding clients are confirming that they are making site security savings of up to 45% per site by renting the rapid deployable MeerCam construction site monitoring cameras.  Very substatial saving in a sector hit very badly in the current econimical business climate

MeerCam Demo security monitoring kit

 As well as having more success in stopping theft or catching criminals on their construction building sites than standard CCTV construction monitoring or manned guarding.  Some of our Resellers are now renting 10+ Meercam systems – ranging from 5 – 15 camera systems per site and making an excellent Return of Investment through their business efforts

Already in January 2011 many MeerCam sales and rental deals have been coverted in the Void and Vacant property sector.  With Housing Association, Councils, Health Boards, Property Developers who are wanting to protect their empty and vacant houses, void properties, empty factories and vacant pubs.  With crime figures soaring for criminals looking to steal metals, lead and other commodities from soft targets – empty and void properties and buildings – the battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring cameras are really proving to be a BIG HIT in the Void security sector as they can dramatically reduce the traditional security costs in protecting and securing void and empty buildings and properties anywhere in the UK.  It is hoped in the near future that some Void Property insurance companies might give insurance price reductions for void properties deploying the MeerCam security monitoring cameras on their vacant and empty properties

Camvista have now signed up 7 UK monitoring station companies in the UK and N Ireland who are offering their security monitoring services to monitor the MeerCams.  Many of the Monitoring stations have seen a big increase in their monitoring business because of the success of the MeerCam battery powered wireless GRPS security camera systems.

Many Security companies in Scotland, England Ireland and Wales that offer manned guarding security services and mobile patrol security services are reselling the MeerCam rapid deployment cameras to many of their clients.  Upselling new security monitoring services that already compliment their established guarding security business

Interested to become a Reseller of the MeerCam rapid deployable battery powered GPRS wiress security monitoring camera systems? - If so – contact CamvistaHERE

Wanting a live demo of the MeerCams in working mode at your office or business premises anywhere in the UK and Ireland – contact Camvista - HERE

For more info on how you can become a MeerCam Reseller and make good money in 2011 – contact Camvista - HERE

Low Cost Rapid Deployment Construction Site Monitoring Camera Systems

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Construction and House Building companies are now securing and protecting their construction and house building sites around the UK by renting the Camvista low cost rapid deployment construction site monitoring cameras – the MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS surveillance cameras.

Renting the MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security cameras for construction site security from Camvista is reducing traditional construction site security costs by up to 45% - in today’s economic downturn this price saving for construction security should not be missed.  Not only are Camvista delpoying their MeerCam rapid deployment surveillance camera systems on construction and house building sites around the UK but now their MeerCam battery powered GPRS wireless security monitoring cameras are now being rapidly deployed on many house building and construction sites in Australia. On one Care home construction project outside Sydney in NSW Australia – 9 arrests have been made during 3 attempted break ins over a three months period because of the Camvista MeerCams being monitored by a Sydney monitoring center

Low cost construction site security cameras

Not only will the rapid reployable MeerCam construction surveillance security monitoring system knock 1,000’s of £’s of your construction site security budget – per construction project –  it will also help to improve and enhance your onsite security on your contruction or house building project – delivering a much more reliable and robust security construction solution that will actually stop and catch crime and theft on building sites as well as acting as a deterrent to stop unwanted visitors making a visit on the construction site.

MeerCam battery powered construction security cameras

Camvista rent out their MeerCam construction security monitoring cameras – for days – weeks – months to house building and construction companies in all areas of the UK.  At a weekly rental price less than paying for the diesil costs to operate a power generator during out of working hours on a construction site over a 7 day period - which will be required if you were using manned guarding or CCTV monitoring on a construction site – and that’s before you start paying for security costs such as CCTV cameras, installation and manned guards!!! 

Making the MeerCam security solution for the UK construction and house building a – NO BRAINER  Hence the reason that many construction companies in Australia are operating the MeerCam construction security camera monitoring systems to dranatically reduce their construction security budgets as well as greatly improve and enhance their traditional construction site security

For more detailed information on the Rapid Deployable MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS surveillance camera systems for construction site security – visit – HERE

To find out how the MeerCam construction site monitoring cameras can reduce your current construction security budget – per site – by at least 45% – visit – HERE

Wanting to have a working demo of the Camvista MeerCam monitoring cameras fully operating on one of your construction sites in your local area of the UK or in the car park area of your Head Office – Contact Camvista - HERE

To contact a Camvista Sales Representive for more info about the MeerCam construction site security monitoring solution – PHONE – 0845 241 6040