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Construction security monitoring webcams

Low Cost Construction Site Security Cameras

Camvista has just launched a new security camera monitoring service for the UK construction industry - low cost security camera remote monitoring service - knocking thousands of £'s per annum of traditional static guarding and construction CCTV security camera monitoring at one or two construction projecr sites or development projects anywhere in the  UK

After years of research and development Camvista, leading UK experts in network camera technology and operating construction webcams, since 1997, we can now rent out or sell battery powered Remote Alert GPRS mobile wireless security camera systems to monitor out of hours guarding on construction sites - large or small, on a temporary basis for a minimum period of 12 weeks, at nightimes, weekends and holiday or construction void periods. 

At a fraction of the running and operating costs of standard construction site guarding and CCTV camera monitoring.  Helping greatly to reduce construction security costs during the current economic downturn - and even providing a much better and more reliable security monitoring service than tradaitional construction guarding methods

Our inovative and highly cost effective construction security monitoring solutions are using the latest GPRS mobile wireless security cameras that operate 100% from battery power.  Battery power lasts for up to 2 years without having to charge the battery powered motion detection cameras - making our construction online monitoring completely free of cables which allows the great flexibililiy in locating the motion detection construction cameras anywhere on a construction site.  In minutes, rather than expensive installation days

No power is required to be available on-site 24 hours a day or expensive generators to be left on to power the security CCTV cameras -  renting our battery powered wireless security monitored cameras on a construction site is normally cheaper than running a power genertor out of working hours to operate traditional CCTV cameras on-site -  that is a 100% fact from our current experiences in operating battery powered cameras on construction sites

No telephone lines or ADSL broadband is required now to be available on a construction site or development project for security surveillance.   Again saving monthly running costs.  Our Remote Alert battery powred wireless CCTV cameras operate on the GPRS mobile phone network - making reception for a GPRS mobile network available anywhere in the UK - not like a 3G connection

After the installation of the Remote Alert sensor activated CCTV cameras and the camera monitoring system is armed via a camera alarm keypad, similar to activating a standard burglar alarm system. the motion detection battery powered cameras will take a 10 second video clip of any movement and activation infront of any of the on-site cameras on the construction site   

When an alarm activation happens the 10 second video clip is sent over the GPRS mobile phone network to our N.S.I. Gold Approved Monitoring Station to be verified if their is an intruder on the construction site or if it's a false alarm.  An email will also be forwarded to a named point of contact at the construction project to be viewed on a web-enabled mobile phone device or computer.  Allowing all the alerts to be fully tracked outwith the monitoring station and for records for the construction site

For more information about our Remote Alert Remote GPRS mobile wireless construction security camera systems - contact us - HERE

To find out how much money we could reduce your current construction security budget on your next construction and building project - contact us - HERE

For more info about renting our battery powered GPRS wireless security cameras on a temporary basis for a minimum period of 12 weeks till as long as you require them - Phone our Sales telephone line - 0845 241 6040








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