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Vacant Houses Property Security

Low Cost Vacant Houses Property Security Monitoring for Housing Associations in the UK

Housing Associations and Councils around the UK are reducing their current security costs to protect and secure vacant houses and empty homes under their care by deploying the MeerCam self powered GPRS mobile wireless infrared motion detector remote monitoring cameras.

Reducing theft and vandalism in their void houses as well as saving money on their current void houses security budget.

Not onl;y does the rapid deployable MeerCams slash the prices against traditional CCTV monitoring or deploying man guards to try and reduce theft and vandalism at Housing Associations and Council's empty and vacant houses - The MeerCams greatly enhances and improves the void homes security by using inovative and very cost effective battery powered GPRS mobile wireless PIR motion dectection CCTV security cameras - the MeerCams - Battery power for the MeerCams can last up to 4 years without having to be changed or recharged

The Camvista MeerCams can be deployed in minutes to quickly protect a void and empty property.  Installation of the MeerCam self powered wireless GPRS mobile CCTV surveillance monitoring cameras can be carried out - in-house.  NO cabling or technical skills are required to insttal indoor or ourdoor MeerCam PIR motion detector CCTV cameras.

Once the MeerCam system has been installed inside or outside a vacant and empty house to protect the empty property from theft and vandalism any movement detected infront of the CCTV surveillance camera will trigger the camera to send a 10 second black and white video clip, normally within a minute of the activation to a Alarm Receiving Centre or an in-house security department  Allowing `crime in action` to be viewed rather than waiting to view DVR recordings of the incident the nexy day.  Enabling security monitoring staff to contact local police or security patrols that a fully confirmed break in or vandalism is currently being carried out at the void property being monitored by the MeerCam surveillance system

Camvista have low price rental packages for short term or long term deployment of their MeerCam security monitoring MeerCams


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