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Void commercial property protection security

Low Price Void Commercial Property Protection Rapid Deployable Security Systems

Property companies, Councils, Housing Associations and Insurance companies are now deploying the Camvista MeerCam rapid deploya\ble battery powered GPRS mobile wireless security monitoring camera systems to secure and protect their void and empty commercial properties.  Reducing the risk and costs of theft and vandalism onm their void commercial empty properties

 In the recent economic downtown in the UK crime theft has soared in the void commercial property sector with many empty properties and void buildings and factories being targeted by criminals to steal metals and lead and other materials from void and vacant commercial properties.

Camvista have recently launched a low cost void commercial property protection rental security monitoring package that allows Void Property companies, Councils, Local Authorities and Housing Associations located anywhere in the UK to rapidly deploy the indoor/outdoor MeerCam battery powered GPRS mobile wireless security camera systems to secure and protect their void properties from theft and vandalism

The costs for renting the MeerCam rapid deployable void property protection security systems - for days - weeks - months - years - has greatly reduced the costs of traditional CCTV remote monitoring of void properties as well as improving and enhancing void commercial property protection because of the inovative technology now available by deploying GPRS mobile wireless battery powered security monitoring cameras that no longer require power, telephone and broadband connections to be available in the void commercial properties

Benefits of the MeerCam Void commercial property protection security camera systems

Low price void security monitoring motion activated camera systems - indoor or outdoor battery powered cameras that will knock many substantial £££££’s of your current CCTV camera void property surveillance budget.

Extremely completive prices for rental options of all indoor/outdoor PIR MeerCam motion activated camera systems - anywhere in the UK. - days - weeks - months - years 

Totally wireless, NO cables, NO power supply required on void property site, NO telephone and ADSL broadband required - keeping operational and running costs to a minimum. Greatly reducing the costs of static guarding and traditional CCTV void property camera monitoring systems at void and empty commercial properties

Easy to install, reducing expensive installation costs, simple to move and mobilise around void property locations to suite the security requirements on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. Fast to de-install and move and transfer to a new site location for void property security protection 

Truly reliable, an EVENT BASED video verification camera security system, stopping false alarm alerts and succeeding in deterring theft and crime in remote void property locations which normally don’t have the proper infrastructure to operate surveillance camera monitoring systems.

Low cost monitoring by NACOSS approved Monitoring Stations - or can be monitored in-house by trained staff in office working conditions

For more detailed information on the Camvista MeerCam rapid deployable battery powered GPRS mobile wireless motion detection void property protection security cameras - fill in a contact form - HERE - or phone a Camvista Sales Representive on - TEL - 0845 241 6040   

For more information about the Camvista MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS mobile motion detection surveillance cameras - visit - HERE

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